Raia Prays For…

119 minutes
No. 11011-2-000349

No one can live on their own. Other people's happiness is the incentive that helps people live on.

A heart-warming, human drama that portrays how a divorced woman reclaims her self-confidence and find her happiness by experinencing the archaeological dig. A story of Akio Morisawa who is famous for his best-seller "A Coffe Shop in the Cape of Rainbow" which adapted to film "The Story of the Amazing Cape" in October, 2014. 


Momoko's unhappy divorce discourages her to move forward in her life. One day, she met Kumagoro at a match. Kumagoro, an archaeological scholar, shows Momoko around Hachinohe. Momoko remenbers her dream of a girl wearing clothes of the Jomon period in the deep forest when Kumagoro talks about the Jomon period. The Jomon period connects Momoko and Kumagoro but Momoko is still afraid to fall in love with him seriously. Will Momoko find her happiness in the ancient wind, and move forward in her life?

Starring: Anji Suzuki ("The Partners series")
              Tsuyoshi Ukaji ("Strawberry Night", "Naoki Hanzawa")
         Rina Takeda ("High-kick Girl!", "Attack on Titan")




©2015 Raia Prays For... Production Committee ©Akio Morisawa/Shogakukan