Lounge W -Women with two faces

89 minutes
No. 11111-2-000352

The female detective agent office disguised as a girls bar!
A Japanese take on "Charlie's Angel"!!!


[About the Film]
The story takes place in a girl's bar called "Lounge W" in Roppongi. Unlike proper clubs, women dressed in casual clothes work there. They work in th office, schools and hospitals but at night, they show their true colors! The first and much anticipated visualization of Fuyuki Shindo's work!

In order to find her missing friend Airi, a good natured yet strong-headed Tsubomi throws herself in Roppongi; the town which never sleeps. As she needs to pay back her friend's debt, she starts working at "Lounge W". 

Starring: KAYANO
              Yuri Morishita

Directed by: Shinichi Fujita
Original Story by: Fuyuki Shindo


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