The Blueness of the Sky

114 minutes
No. 11111-2-000357


Drama depicting people tormented by the uncertainties of their present circumstances, with a focus on a young man who aspires to do film production. Director Nashimoto Tao of Tsubame City in Niigata Prefecture drew inspiration from the town and its residents to create this original story, and shot the film on location at the same town. Tagami Yosuke (Nakayama Masei) grew up amidst the pastoral landscape of Tsubame City. Tagami attends the local film school, and begins to shoot a sci-fi movie. However, during the shoot the director dies in an accident. The film production necessarily comes to a stop, and Tagami loses his sense of purpose. 

Starring: Masei Nakayama
              Mikie Hara
              Maki Aizawa

Original Story by: Fuyuki Shindo



© 2012"Ano sora no ao" Film Partners