Sisters of Musashino Line

91 minutes
No. 11111-2-000358

[About the film]

Nonsensical comedy that is a live-action adaptation of the online comic by Yukio, artist of young beauties. Infuses a surreal touch in the lively depiction of beautiful sisters dressed in Lolita fashion who get out of control. Captures the essence of otaku culture, including videogames and manga.


Two beautiful sisters, Ran (Kato Natsuki) and Pandora (Nakaya Sayaka) are do-nothing celebrity sisters who have built up their assets trading stock, and live in a fancy high-rise along the Musashino train line. They were fully engrossed in their hobbies, but one day, Pandora decides that she and Ran should no longer be living this kind of lifestyle, and applies herself for a job, a waitress at a maid cafe (cosplay restaurant) in Akihabara. Naturally, Ran is worried about Pandora and joins her at the maid cafe at a daily basis.

Starring: Kato Natsuki ”Hana Yori Dango Final", "Paradise Kiss" 
              Nakaya Sayaka
Directed by: Junichi Yamamoto
Original Story by: Yukio


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