Banana, Glove and Whale Shark

105 minutes
No. 11111-2-000359

Domoto Koji (Shun Shioya) is on the Judicial Training course aiming to be a lawyer and will marry soon with Noriko. Koji's father, Sonoda Atsushi (Takeo Nakahara), divorced when Koji was at junior high school and is now living with his mother who needs nursng care. However, Atsushi goes out with girls all night and neglects his mother and eventually he abandoned everything and went off. When Koji's anger toward his father began to ease, one day he was noticed that his father was seriously ill...

Starring: Takeo Nakahara Cape Nostalgia", "The Floating Castle" 
              Shun Shioya
Directed by: Jyunichi Yagi



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