Hard Life

81 minutes
No. 11111-2-000361

Director Seki Kenji initiated this adaptation of the autobiography of Takahashi Sueko, a legendary female bike gang leader during the 1990s. Terashima Saki, who won the Monaco International Film Festival's Best Actress award for her performance in Cinderella Formula, plays her as a charismatic, rebellious young woman whose life revolves around romance and fighting. By chance, Sueko (Saki Terashima) enters the world of juvenile delinquents and rapidly makes her mark. She becomes the leader of a female bike gang at the tender age of fefteen which draws the attention of the media, but this only incites the jealousy of others.

Starring: Saki Terashima
              Shinwa Kataoka
              Rina Akiyama
Directed by: Kenji Seki

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