nonmetal night

72 minutes
No. 11111-2-000362

A coming-of-age drama in black and white inspired by a true story and directed by Nakata Kei, who has helmed numerous highly entertaining works. It captures the intersecting fates of people on the streets of a subdued Shibuya after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In the wake of a natural disaster, Shibuya, Tokyo's largest amusement center, is a pale shadow of its usual boisterous self. In a corner of this downtown district overflowing with anxious people who have nowhere else to go, Natsu (Tsukamoto Airi) finds a gun in a paper bag. Giving full reign to her emotions, she fires it, sending the streets into a panic.


Starring: Airi Tsukamoto
Shintaro Akiyama
Directed by: Kei Nakata



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