Tunnel of Love - The Place for Miracles

85 minutes
No. 11111-2-000363

There exists a beautiful tunnel that nature has created, a leafy gree tunnel of about three kilometers in length located in Ukraine. The local residents affectionately after to it as the "Tunnel of Love". Many lovers come to this tunnel to make their wish in hopes that their love will last forever. This story was inspired by this green tunnel in Klevan. 

Kei (Sho Oyamada), a teacher in his young adult life who fell in love with a High School student by the name of Hitoha (Miki Honoka). Their relationship became intimate, but he lost her as a result of a fatal car accident. Many years have passed. Kei is now middle aged, working at a small factory. He still cannot erase Hitoha from his mind or heart. He decideds to visit the Ukraine where there is a beautiful tunnel in a small city called Kleven. This tunnel is known for being the tunnel of love. The people there say that a pair who kiss in this tunnel become eternal lovers and their wishes come true. He goes to the tunnel in the hopes that he will once again meet his beloved Hitoha...


Starring: Miki Honoka "Mischievous Kiss-Love in Tokyo"
              Sho Oyamada
Directed by: Akiyoshi Imazeki




Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2015


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