Over the Fence

112 minutes
No. 10000-2-000367

Featuring a top-notch cast, an adaptation of a novel written by the legendary Yasushi Sato, who took his own life at the young age of 41


[About the film]

The production team that brought you "The Light Shines Only There", which won 42 awards internationally, and the honor of being selected as the Japanese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, has come together once again. Director Nobuhiro Yamashita, expected to soon be an international success by many, directs his long-awaited love story for adults!



Shiraiwa (Joe Odagiri) is a man who neglected his family. After his wife deserts him, Shiraiwa leaves Tokyo and goes back to his hometown, Hakodate City. Yet, he never stops by his home where his parents live, but instead chooses to live on unemployment insurance while going to vocational school. Shiraiwa leads a life of repetition, just going back and forth from his flat and the school, participating in school assignments, and taking part in practice for the upcoming inter-department softball tournament. One day, when he goes to a hostess club with his friend Daijima (Shota Matsuda), Shiraiwa meets an odd hostess named Satoshi (Yu Aoi), who imitates the movements of a bird…


Starring: Joe Odagiri 
              Yu Aoi 
              Shota Matsuda

Directed by: Nobuhiro Yamashita
Originally written by: Yasushi Sato
Screenplay written by: Ryo Takada (The Light Shines Only There, My Man)
Cinematography by: Ryuto Kondo
Lighting by: Isamu Fujii (The Light Shines Only There, My Man)




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