The Cinderella Formula

107 minutes
No. 11111-2-000373

A superstar prep school teacher with only a year and a half to live and a girl who dropped out of high school... The two take on the challenge of the University of Tokyo entrance exam.



On the day the University of Tokyo announces their admissions decisions, applicants line up in front of the announcement board. Some are tossed in the air in celebration, some are moved to tears, and of course, others cry tears of misery.

However, one man simply sees this fateful day for the applicants as a mere “passing point.” It is Igarashi (Kosuke Toyohara), founder and teacher of Michiter Seminars, a prestigious prep school that boasts the highest acceptance rate to the University of Tokyo.

Idolized as the “superstar of college entrance exams,” Igarashi obtains fortune and fame. As he lives his life drunk off his status, he starts to lose his passion he once had when he founded the school.

Then one day, he receives a checkup at the hospital that his college buddy Komiya works at, and is diagnosed with terminal cancer, with only a year and a half to live.

The sudden cancer diagnosis devastates Igarashi and leaves him cursing his own fate. But as he visits a convenience store one day, he meets a poor-looking 16-year-old girl named Maki (Saki Terashima).

While Igarashi fights his terminal cancer through palliative care, his last hope in life is Maki. As he bravely faces his illness and lives past his one and a half year mark, Maki becomes greatly influenced by Igarashi. And then comes the day of the University of Tokyo entrance exam...



- 5th Monaco International Film Festival:

         Winner of Best Film, Best Actor,Best Actress, Best Writing

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