Corpse Party Book of Shadows

86 minutes
No. 11111-2-000379

The cruel spiral of destiny slowly starts to move.


High school girl Naomi (Rina IKOMA) lost many friends, such as her childhood friend Satoshi (Ryosuke IKEOKA) and Seiko(Yoko KITA), by playing the curse “Sachiko Ever After” and she was sent to a different dimension where ghosts live.

6 months since then, Ayumi (Nozomi MAEDA) and Naomi were the survivors. They returned to get back their lost friends, to the “Tenjin Elementary School” where the tragedy had happened.

Kizami (Tsunenori AOKI) and his friends came from different schools by playing the same curse. They join together with hope to find their way home. However what awaited was the reunion with their friends who were caught in the spiral of the “Death Destiny.” The cruel spiral of destiny, which fools with the life and heart, slowly starts to move.





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