86 minutes
No. 11111-2-000380


What is he fighting for? The life of an athlete is surprisingly short. Although athletes put everything into sports, some reach their limit, get injured, age, and put an end to their athlete’s life. Are they satisfied when finishing their life as an athlete? Or are they unhappy and regretful? This story is about an athlete who used to be very popular. He is at the crossroad of his life and tries to find the meaning of his athlete’s life.



Atsuhiko Kono, age 31, is a professional soccer athlete who was asked to leave the powerful team. He returns to his old small team with a condition to have uniform number “10” and tries to win back his glorious days. However what awaits him is being used by the management as the hot topic of him being a “former Japanese representative” and the cold look from his young teammates since he has number “10” although his era has passed long ago. However Kono keeps practicing and does not give up. Others are touched by his passion and one by one his teammates start to change. This is a story about a man who chooses to fight his way quietly but passionately inside.



© Masaya Tsunamoto・Motoki Yoshihara/KODANSHA/“U-31” Production Committee