91 minutes
No. 11111-2-000382
Our emotions are infinitely white.


Yashima(FUJIKO), a plumber working at the outskirt of town, had strange feelings of being a “girl.” In order to be a girl she had been sleeping with men but is always unsatisfied.

One day, Yashima goes to a house for work. There lives a middle aged father (YOSHIHIRO) and a young daughter Kyu (Satsuki Maue). Yashima is confused by Kyu’s strong gaze.

While Yashima is plumbing, they gradually exchange eye contact. As if it was meant to be, they reach for each other and eventually wish to have each other. Yashima makes love with Kyu and slowly accepts the “girl” inside herself.

However, Yashima sees the father committing adultery with Kyu.

The desire and jealousy, breaks down the balance…


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