73 minutes
No. 11111-2-000383

Your thoughts about gender will change 180 degrees!!


A true story about NATSUKI, who was born as a boy but has a girl’s mind.

NATSUKI grew up with dilemma playing as a boy despite of her mind.

When she became 19, she finally decided to have a genital reassignment surgery…


The documentary part shows how NATSUKI grew up and lives now by interviews with her family, friends, and supporters.

The drama part focuses on her adolescence.

In contract of gloomy days at junior high school,

she had active high school days with supports from family, teachers and friends who tried to understand her inner mind.

To have the surgery was a huge challenge,

however, it was just a starting point of her long journey to earn her true identity…



-Natsuki MAJIKINA 

Born in Tokyo 1987. Had a genital reassignment surgery when she was 19.

As an actress, she is becoming an icon of transgender. 

-Tatsuomi HAMADA

Born in Chiba 2000. Since he was 6, he has been acting at number of feature films and TV dramas.

He played the lead in “Kaibutsu-kun” both film and TV version. 




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