Across Brooklyn Bridge

82 minutes
No. 11111-2-000385

The girl crossed the bridge and opened the door to adulthood.



A lonely girl Saki was unwilling to come to NY to live with her father. She was told not to cross “Brooklyn Bridge.”

One day, she crosses and goes to the other side of the bridge,

where she meets people who dream of music and falls in love for her first time…



After Saki’s mother dies of sickness, she moves to NY to live with her father who had separated from her mother.

She spent days feeling lonely not being able to get along with her Japanese school classmates who are only interested in Japan.

One day, she decides to cross Brooklyn Bridge which her father had told her “Don’t go to that dangerous area!

What did she discover on the other side of the bridge?

Saki’s life is about to move…



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