My Life –Life with Tango-

104 minutes
No. 11111-2-000386

The real family problems and hopes will touch your heart.



"My Life –Life with Tango-" is directed by Hideki Wada, whose debut film “Cinderella Formula” won 4 awards at the 5th Monaco International Film Festival.

A touching story of a father, who is diagnosed with dementia, where his daughter warmly looks after him.

They both learn to have hope in their life which they had long forgotten, through Argentine Tango.

The daughter and the father is played by seasoned actress and actor Kumiko Akiyoshi and Isao Hashizume, who have been in many TV dramas and movies.

Director Wada has long worked as a psychiatrist and engaged in geriatrics.

This film shows the real family problems and hopes which will touch your heart.



Yuriko had been busy with household chores and raising her child.

As her child grows up, she starts having her own time.

When she starts to aim for her longtime dream of becoming a University professor, she finds out that her father has dementia.

The family is crushed with this reality, but Yuriko finds a “family association” for dementia.


[Cast & Staff]

Starring: Kumiko Akiyoshi

             Isao Hashizume

Directed by: Hideki Wada




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