Time Traveling Glasses

78 minutes
No. 11111-2-000390

Popular sexy idol Ai Shinozaki acts as the main character in Time Traveling Glasses.


Toko works as a Nail Salon Manager in Tokyo. She hears a sudden news of her father's death.

Toko left her hometown having a major fight with her father. She returns to her hometown,

the  Southern Alps, after 8 years. There she finds a pair of glasses which takes her to travel in time.

She finds herself in the same hometown, 8 years ago.

It is before she leaves her house.

She remembers that there was a fraudulent industrial waste disposal contractor which bought the land.

This beautiful town becomes a miserable state.

Her sister Riho's future was receiving domestic violence from her husband which led her to divorce him

and becomes a single mother.


Toko tries to change the future but is she able to do so...?

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