125 min
No. 10000-2-000394


Based on a novel by Shu FUJISAWA, Award wining Kazuyoshi KUMAKIRI's newest project

captures the samurai heart of degenerated alcoholic man,

who once acclaimed to be a genius and an ordinary high school student through the spirit of KENDO.

Teaming up with Go AYANO, who is now one of the leading actor

and Nijiro MURAKAMI, upcoming actor in Japan, a fierce battle is now revealed.



Kengo has a great skill in Kendo but he quits after a tragic incident and now works as a security guard, spending his days drinking.

One day, he encounters a high school student Toru, who has a natural high ability in Kendo and meeting Toru evokes his fighting spirit.

They start devoting themselves to grow up as a fencer and human.

And soon, they are destined for a fatal battle...



Director: Kazuyoshi KUMAKIRI ("My Man", "Sketches of Kaitan City")

Cast:Go AYANO ("Rage", "The Light Shines Only There")

Nijiro MURAKAMI ("Distraction Babies", "Still Water")

Atsuko Maeda ("Kabukicho Love Hotel")

Kaoru KOBAYASHI ("Midnight Diner")


In theatres in Japan from June 2017.


© 2017 "MUKOKU" Production Committee