Share House

46 min
No. 11111-2-000397

 “Share House” -People of different nationalities, ages, jobs living under one roof.


In an old house in the suburbs of Tokyo, 6 boys and girls live together in a share house. Murakami in his 40’s is a day worker who loves to gamble. One day, Keiichi and Chie apply to be a new resident and everyone living in the share house gather for a meeting. The French girl Naomi is strict with rules and argues with Murakami. Seeing the argument, the others takes a vague attitude. The part-timer Kato is a playboy who tries to avoid making fusses and agrees with everyone, is quite troublesome. Gradually the secrets of the housemates start to reveal and their true feelings and their outer self start to burst. Keiichi’s secret becomes a bomb…In order to solve the problem, is it better to be like a foreigner and say their true feelings? Or should they take their usual Japanese style and be vague? The small Share House becomes chaotic.

[Cast & Staff]

Director: Eiji Uchida "Lowlife Love

Cast: Hiroshi Shinagawa "CONFLICT"

Shunsuke Tanaka (BOYS AND MEN) "11 Variations of Love"


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