Piano in a Storeroom

115 min
No. 11111-2-000398

A story of a peach farm family out in a small town in Fukushima.


July 2012.

Summer, 1 year the disaster of the earthquake.

Harka, 3rd year in high school, plays the piano in a dark gloomy storeroom.

One day, her sister Akiha, who goes to a University in Tokyo, comes back home. Akiha is a popular girl who is intelligent and Haruka was always compared with her. Haruka, opposite of her sister, is a coward clumsy girl but she felt relaxed and fulfilled when playing the piano.

Her heart was always with the piano in the storeroom.

There was a sad past in the family. The younger brother had passed away and Haruka had blamed herself for it.

By playing the piano in the storeroom, she wanted to express her feeling of atonement to her brother.

Meanwhile, due to the earthquake and radiaton, the reputation damage of the peach suffers her grandpa.

Her grandpa being very kind and supportive, Haruka makes a huge decision.


Each family member has their own feeling of lost life...

The situation being faced at a peach farm in Fukushima...

Meeting a boy who evacuated from a different town...

The conflict between Haruka and her sister...




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