Double Mints

101 min
No. 11111-2-000399

Original comic is written by the famous Boys' Love author Asumiko Nakamura.


One day Mitsuo Ichikawa (Yasushi Fuchikami) receives a phone call.

A familiar voice said, "I killed someone."

It was Mitsuo Ichikawa (Shunsuke Tanaka) from high school, who had the same exact name.

Mitsuo (Yasushi Fuchikami) was bullied by the cold Mitsuo (Shunsuke Tanaka).

They meet after years and Mitsuo (Yasushi Fuchikami) without any hesitation, becomes Mitsuo's (Shunsuke Tanaka) accomplice.

Their relationship gradually changes to a new shape...



Yasushi Fuchikami ("The Long Excuse", "The Town Where Only I Am Missing")

Shunsuke Tanaka ("Share House", "11 VARIATIONS OF LOVE")



Eiji Uchida ("Share House", "Lowlife Love")




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