90 min
No. 11111-2-000401

There is an old western apartment building called Hisuikan standing on a lonely road in Hakodate. Tokiko Hagiwara, an honor of Hisuikan, rents the apartment for young artists for both a living space and a working studio. There lives Itsuko Horiike who wants to be a glassworks artisan, Kotaro Aizawa who is a Teddy Bear artist and Sachi Fujimura who is a photographer specialized in pinhole camera. Each of them has essential things for their lives.

One day in summer, Eiji Hiyama, a new lodger comes to Hisuikan instead of initially scheduled person Yabushita, Eiji’s senior at school. He opens a secondhand bookstore at a renovated Kura, a traditional Japanese storehouse. He seems bored and has no intention to make a profit on his bookstore business. But a good smell of his coffee draws other residents in the apartment into his bookstore. Then, they start to communicate with each other. Itsuko can never see her own child. Kotaro is very far from his hometown. Sachi is anthrophobia. They each have their own problems.

Eiji is losing his confidence through interaction with them. He decided to start a secondhand bookstore at first, but in reality he gains a profit by reselling books on internet. And he has another aspect he never shows. He is a writer who has been struggling with writing a new book satisfyingly since he finished writing a novel “Imperfect Moon” at a young age. He feels anger and irritation against himself. He also can’t stop thinking about Yabushita who passed away before he made his dream of being a furniture worker come true.

There is a broken classic motorcycle used to be owned by Tokiko’s late husband at a corner of the bookstore. Eiji starts to fix it as if he tries to restart time of his life.

In a morning Eiji finishes fixing the motorcycle, he goes to Tokiko to tell her he is leaving Hisuikan. But then, she confesses unexpected truth to him.

Between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, small changes are about to happen to their lives. 



© 2016HAKODATE Project/Uzumasa