Corpse Prison 1 & 2

75 min x 2eps
No. 11111-2-000403

Based on the popular horror comic book “Corpse Prison (Shishugoku).”

Deep in the mountains, a psycho killer haunts 5 college girls.

For the past 50 years in the mysterious village, no girls were born.

Madness takes over and the village becomes dreadful and bloody.

Can anybody escape from this insane bloody village…?




Based on the popular horror comic book “Corpse Prison” is now a movie!

For 50 years no girls were born in a small village deep in the mountains.

Girls who visit the village is attacked by the men living in the village and also by the mysterious psycho killer. The closed desertedness makes it dreadful and sexy. Main casts includes sexy idol Moemi Katayama and the lead vocal Anna Tachibana of idol group Kamen Joshi.





Deep in the mountains there is a small village Yasaka-mura with a population of only 43 people. A van drives down the narrow road that leads to this small deserted village.

Hirasaka University Professor Ashihara, his assistant Kagosaka, and Mikoto and 3 more girls visit the village for a seminar camp. Amano, mayor of the village and the other men living in the village highly welcomes Mikoto and the others, but what they feel is fear and strangeness. There are no female in the village at all and Ashihara’s real purpose of his visit was to research what was actually happening in the closed deserted village. In order to visit for a research, the condition given from the village was to bring young girls…




[Cast & Staff]

Director: Hideo Jojo

Cast: Moemi Katayama, Anna Tachibana


In theatres June 3rd, 2017 (Corpse Prison 1) and June 10th, 2017 (Corpse Prison 2)


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