70 min
No. 11111-2-000407
Following the death of his deadbeat father, a son discovers that there was
more to him than anyone in the family suspected.
Koji is bewildered by a sudden phone call from his brother telling him that he
has located their father. You see, it has been thirteen years since their dad
stepped out of the house never to return. Moreover, Koji is stunned to hear that
their father has cancer and been given three months to live.
Life for Koji and his family became a difficult one after being deserted by their
father. A heavy gambler, he saddled the family with debt, forcing Koji’s mother
to work impossible hours. While his mother and brother felt only hatred for
their father, Koji harbored a degree of sympathy and clung to the memory of
their shared love of baseball.
When the inevitable day of their father’s funeral arrives, Koji and his brother
must confront both the thirteen-year blank created by his absence as well as a
collection of odd acquaintances who have come to pay their last respects.
Issey Takahashi: "Shin Godzilla", "Kill Bill"
Lily Franky: "Like Father, Like Son","Summer Breakers"
Takumi Saitoh
<Film Festival>
20th Shanghai International Film Festival:  Best Director, Asian New Talent Award Winner

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