Poetry Angel

95 min
No. 11111-2-000412

Shout your Soul! Laugh, Cry, be Passionate!!


Tsutomu Tamaki began working in his father’s plum orchard after he graduated from high school. But Tsutomu isn’t happy with what he sees as his boring life. He’s essentially a dreamer, searching for an outlet that will help him realize his dreams. By chance one day he ends up being coerced into joining a team of poetical boxers. The various unique characters in the team are first pitted against an opposing team from a nearby girls’ high school. They are soundly thrashed. As they begin work on improving their content and delivery, they start to learn each other’s secrets. Tsutomu is attracted to a high school girl, the granddaughter of one of his teammates, a girl who never seems to speak. In his attempts to get her to join the team, he discovers she is burdened with a very severe stutter.

[Poetical Boxing]
Poetical boxing is similar to a rap battle, where two poets perform their work onstage almost as if they are boxing. A panel of judges decides which of the two contestants has won the match.


[Cast & Staff]

Cast : Amane Okayama ("DOROME", "Distraction Babies")

          Rena Takeda ("Werewolf Game Lost Eden", "Assassination Classroom")

          Kento Yamazaki ("Jojo's Bizarre Adventure")

Director: Toshimitsu Iizuka





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