77 min + 88 min
No. 11111-2-000418


During high school, Yamai killed his classmate Chiaki and was sent to prison. Chiaki’s father Seiji was trying to get over his daughter’s death and his wife’s suicide. 10 years later, Yamai came out of prison and had no place to go but his high school friend Morita. He started to work as a Yakuza. Although Seiji was trying to overcome the incident, he hears that Yamai has come out of prison and he goes out to catch a glimpse of him…

[Cast & Director]
Cast: Gaku Sano ("The Road Less Travelled")
         Junki Tozuka ("Care Nin -Thank God You're Here")
         Hideo Sakaki ("blank13")
Director: Yuya Yamaguchi