Lady Ninja -A Blue Shadow-

No. 11111-2-000420

In the near future, the economy has collapsed and the country has turned into a ghetto.
A secret agency “Gokuraku” was made by the government. Secrent agents Aya and Chinatsu’s secret mission is to fight against one of the largerst international company “Kuroda Group.” Secret agents are called the “Lady Ninja” and they use a traditional Japanese umbrella-like tool called the “sangoku” and defeat the evil. However, one day “Yasha” the most powerful enemy appears in front of the Lady Ninjas.
Who will survive? Lady ninjas’ fight for a brighter future of our country begins.

Director: Kenichi Fujiwara
Cast: Mai Hakase, Saki Akai

Release in Japan: January 20th 2018


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