Boss' Table -Home Cooking of the Mafia-

82min + 89min
No. 11111-2-000422
I have a dream and I have a person to protect.
55 year old man, Raizo Kuji is the head of a Yakuza group. He decided to finish his long married life and divorce his wife Kumiko. Raizo’s new themes of life is “Education” and “Food”, and therefore he attends night school hiding his Yakuza background and enjoys every meal wholeheartedly. One day, a young man appears and says he wants to be Raizo’s henchmen…
Based on the popular comic book.

Director:  Kazuhiro Yokoyama
Cast: Ken Matsudaira, Takumi Saitoh ("blank13")


©2009 Ayumi Tachihara (Play Comic) / "Boss' Table" Production Committee