Don't wake a sleeping cat

No. 11111-2-000425
Love and crime-they satisfy both the body and soul of a woman.
Yui Hatano is an adult actor who has made her name throughout Asia.
People flock airports just to get a glimpse of the star, and rumors have it that her popularity has even forced the Chinese government to make her immigration inspection stricter.
Her striking resemblance with Taiwanese actor Lin Chi-ling has earned Hatano the title of "the Chi-ling of porn."
In this film, she plays an innocent virgin who falls in love with the wrong man and gradually enters a life of crime.
Still not convinced to watch the movie? Then this fact ought to: it's based on true events.
An innocent virgin wife Kimiko who works at the fishery cooperative has been struggling from her married life, because of her husband’s oppressive behavior.
One day a man from Tokyo shows up and she falls in love with him. During their love affair, she conceives a staggering criminal trick so that they can keep their secret relationship.

Director: Hideo Jojo ("Corpse Prison 1 & 2")
Cast: Yui Hatano