75 min
No. 11111-2-000427

Battle against the Extraterrestrial!

Whose brain is it hiding in…?

“PARASITE WAR” is a Sci-Fi/Suspense film where a Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare staff fights against the unrecognizable extraterrestrial being “Mule” which becomes parasitic in the skulls of human beings.
Mule researcher Sachiko accidentally takes her injured colleague to a hospital. The hospital was shut down and only 6 people were in the hospital. Will Sachiko find whose brain the Mule is living in?
The role Sachiko is played by former HKT48 (AKB48 Group) Aika Ota.
 “Extraterrestrial Research Unit” secretly made by the The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare was a research group to remove all extraterrestrial beings. Isolated extraterrestrial “Mule” tries to hide within the human body. Researcher Sachiko tries to trace down the Mule at the isolated research center where her colleague gets injured. Without knowing that her injured colleague had been parasitized, she takes her colleague to a hospital.
Sachiko finds out that the Mule is now parasitizing within the hospital and she shuts down the hospital to track down the Mule…

[Cast & Director]
Cast: Aika Ota (Former Idol Group HKT48/AKB48), Mizuho Hata
Director: Yasutake Torii


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