83 min
No. 11111-2-000429
There’s a Little Devil in All of Us

Saeki moves to Tokyo to attend university and takes boarding in a quiet residential area. Living there too are Teruko, the teenage daughter of the home’s owner, and their relative, Suzuki. Although still a high school student, Teruko displays a mature charm and an adult-like sex appeal. In private, Suzuki boasts to Saeki that he and Teruko are betrothed. Saeki, who is unable to fit in at school, indulges in alcohol and begins to suffer from hallucinations. Teruko begins to frequent Saeki's room frequently, which doesn’t sit well with the Teruko obsessed Suzuki. He warns Saeki to stay away from Teruko or suffer the consequences.

Cast: Kaito Yoshimura ("Destruction Babies" "Too Young to Die!") 
        Ito Ohno ("Live")
        Gouki Maeda ("Tokyo City Girl")
Director: Michihito Fujii ("Phantom Limb")

[Release in Japan] February 24th, 2018