Fumiko's Legs

81 min
No. 11111-2-000430
Bow to Their magnificence!

Wealthy old man Tsukakoshi meets part-time prostitute Fumiko and hires her as his companion. For Tsukakoshi, Fumiko’s legs are the pinnacle of beauty and he wants to spend his remaining days admiring their loveliness. In return, she will inherit his estate once he passes on. However, for Tsukakoshi this is not enough. He asks his nephew Noda, a maker of toy figures, to create life-sized sculptures of Fumiko’s legs that he can take with him to the afterlife. Although Noda makes one after another, his work never meets Tsukakoshi high standard. Irritated, he orders Noda to lick Fumiko’s legs in order to understand their essence.

Cast: Moemi Katayama ("Corpse Prison")
        Yasushi Fuchikami ("Double Mints")
        Denden ("Mumon: The Land of Stealth")
Director: Atsushi Ueda ("Angel in a Library")

[Release in Japan] February 10th, 2018