I Will Never Forgive

124 min
No. 11111-2-000432
[About the Film]
Director Hideki Wada, who is not only a director but also a psychiatrist, specialized in psychology, has made a film based on a nonfiction novel of Yoko, who got raped at the age of 15 and given up by her parents. Hisako Kurosawa, screenwriter of “Caterpillar,” directed by Koji Wakamatsu, winner of Silver Berlin Bear at Berlin International Film Festival, wrote the script.
The film was entirely shot in the POV perspective of a rape victim, which is a documentary-like fashion.

   15-year-old junior high school girl, Yoko, gets raped by five men until early in the morning. She manages to escape from the group rape site, but when she gets home, her parents show no interest. On the contrary, her father hits her for coming home late. She has no one to talk to about the rape including the police. After the rape incident, she changes from the serious good student. 
She gets spoken ill of as a “dirty” girl at school. A week later, when she goes back to the rape site to get her bag back, she meets the middle-aged man, Hayata, who is step-father of one of the rapists. He suggests not only that he give her a ride home but also that they form relationship that he gives money for sex. Even though it’s only a week after she got raped, she accepts the offer and has sex for $2,700.
   She starts to suffer from eating disorder and keeps slitting her wrist. While her parents oppose, she moves to Tokyo to attend a college with $36,000 she got from Hayata. She has plastic surgery and starts working at sex trade shops because she has given up the dream to become a college teacher or nurse in her hometown and started to want to spend the rest of her life without being scolded or denied with the condominium she buys with the $36,000.
   One day, she meets a guy and gets married. But she starts to question her life like a bird in a cage and after trial and error, she decides to get nursing license, which she once gave up. After getting the license, she starts to spend day as nurse and night as S&M queen.



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