Bridge over Troubled Water

131 min
No. 11111-2-000437
If I can go back to the past, “My life could have been different.”

This film shows people who has a sad past but tries to have a fresh start. This is a touching entertainment story with themes of “family ties” and “what to pass down to the next generation”.
People have many regrets such as “What would have happened if I had done this?” “Why did I do this?” In order to live the present, people make excuses and try to move on.
During the Japanese bubble boom in 1989, in a small town in Shizuoka. High school student Miyuki had many questions about her life. “Why do I need to study? Why do I have to enter a good university?” She felt awkward living with her family and with one accident, her whole family had completely fallen apart.
Miyuki grew up and came back to her hometown to work. In the summer of 2010 on the night of Miyuki’s father’s funeral, she walks along the riverbank with her colleagues. They find the bridge called “Tomorrow’s Bridge”. If you run across “Tomorrow’s Bridge” with full strength, it is said that your dream will come true. The 3 drunk adults run across the bridge. The following morning, they go to a cafe and find out they have time traveled to 1989. They had returned to the era where they believed that the economic boom would last forever. However this time, they try to find the missing pieces of their life.
[Director & Cast]
Director: Takafumi Ota (“Strawberry Fields”)
Cast: Anne Suzuki (“Hana and Alice” “Steamboy”)
Itsuji Itao (“Tunnel of Love - The Place for Miracles”
“Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad”)
Release in Japan: June 30, 2018


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