This Old Road -KONOMICHI-

104 min
No. 10000-2-000441
What kind of songs would have been made, if the two were still alive?

Celebrating the song’s 100th anniversary,
the story of the bond between songwriting duo Hakushu Kitahara and Kosaku Yamada will make you laugh, cry, and experience a full range of emotions.

Hakushu Kitahara and Kosaku Yamada’s nursery rhymes touched the heart of Japanese people and became the song of Japan and the home of Japanese people’s heart. After 100 years, their songs are still passed down and are loved. In this film you will see the hidden drama of the birth of these masterpieces.

Hakushu Kitahara left his name in Japanese literature and music, but he had a wild side. He was always drunk and engaged in adultery. Kosaku Yamada came back from abroad and was extremely earnest. The talented and brilliant two, stand against the era with music. Having completely opposite character and lifestyle, they have been odds with each other but eventually they go hand-in-hand and release nursery rhymes such as “This Old Road (Konomichi)” “Waiting in Vain (Machiboke)” “The Bell is Ringing (Kane ga Narimasu)”. However they enter the era of war and things start to become difficult…

Director: Kiyoshi Sasabe (“Half a Confession”, “THE LEGACY OF THE SUN”)
Cast: Nao Omori (“OUTRAGE CODA”, “The Ravine Of Goodbye”),




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