The Peers -Connecting the People-

99 min
No. 11111-2-000446

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Story of Life and Hope of Young Doctors and their Peers working passionately to Home Care.


A touching film of a young doctor struggling with home care, a big issue of aging society. What is it to live in the community? The meaning of work, and the connection between people, husband and wife (family), and community are described through home care, care work, and end-of-life care. A heartwarming film which will lead you to tears and will make your life positive.



Young doctor Masato’s father became ill and he is forced to quit his job at the University Hospital in order to take over his father’s clinic. Masato starts home care due to his father’s will. Masato had been researching advance medical care at the University Hospital and he is not interested in medical care for the community’s patients and their families. His pride gets in the way and he doesn’t communicate well with Care Manager Natsumi and other care workers. One day, he meets a family during home visit and he starts to look at things differently…

Release: April 26th, 2019

Director: Shinya Ayabe ("Werewolf Game Inferno","Werewolf Game Lost Eden")

Cast: Yoshihiko Hosoda ("The Scythian Lamb"), Wakana Matsumoto ("This Old Road -KONOMICHI-")

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