84 min
No. 11111-2-000447
A film based on the current Dental Care, where you will see the growth of a young dental technician.

Daichi (Mahiro Takasugi) is a 23-year-old dental technician. Daichi may be young, but he has a lot of techniques and he is trusted by dental clinics.
One day at a clinic, he encounters one of his oldest friend Manatsu (Seia Yasuda), who is now a dental hygienist.
She is new and not yet experienced, but she cares about patients more than anyone else.
Soon after, Daichi happens to make dentures of Manatsu’s patient, who is in bed at home remedy.

Release: February 15th, 2019
Director: Jiro Enomoto
Cast: Mahiro Takasugi ("Before We Vanish"), Seia Yasuda ("HK/FORBIDDEN SUPER HERO")
Awards: 16th Monaco International Film Festival - Best Feature Film (2018)  



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