91 min
No. 11111-2-000449
ASAMI, who has many American and European Genre Film Fans, will retire after this film!
Directed by Akira Nobi, the legendary Indies Film Director. Keiya Tabuchi, one of the top Action Directors of Japan, stepped forward to maximize ASAMI’s skills. Not only does this film focus on action but has a dramatic touching theme which especially the female audience can emphasize.
28 year-old Saki is trying to lead a normal life after facing her criminal act a few years ago, of being arrested on a charge of injury resulting in death. However she struggles as the society is harsh to her due to her past. One day, Saki meets a 10 year old girl Mari, who has the same scar as her, shoplifting. Through their encounter, they become close. Saki is fascinated by Mari’s skill in making dirt ball and the adult-child friendship grew. Saki finds herself in Mari and tries to help Mari from being abandoned by her mother. What will happen to their friendship and to their future…?

[Cast & Staff]
Cast: ASAMI (“Lady Ninja – A Blue Shadow-”, “IRON GIRL –ULTIMATE WEAPON-“)
Rimi Machida (“Ju-On: The Final Curse”)
Director: Akira Nobi (“Diamonds Moon”, “SECRET WALTZ”)