Privacy Policy

Our company recognizes the need to protect our customers’ personal information because the information is important to our customers and because it is valuable management data for our company. To protect our customers’ personal information and avoid undermining the confidence our customers have in us, we will appropriately manage and protect the information we have.

  1. 1.We will comply with laws and regulations concerning protection of personal information, administrative agencies’ policies and guidelines, social norms, and public policy.

  2. 2.We will establish, within our company, a system for the management of personal information, clearly set down rules, standards and the like for the handling of personal information, and ensure compliance with such rules, standards and the like by all of our employees.

  3. 3.We will collect our customers’ personal information lawfully and justly and within the scope necessary for performing our duties, and use and provide such information within the scope of the purpose of use.

  4. 4.We will periodically conduct audits to ascertain that the personal information is managed appropriately, and we will implement measures for improvement from time to time.

  5. 5.In response to any confirmation, correction, inquiries, and requests from any customer concerning the customer’s personal information, we will, after having checked the customer’s identity, act promptly and earnestly.