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AKB48 is a Tokyo's Akihabara-based female idol group produced in 2005 by Yasushi Akimoto, a songwriter.
The group was born under the concept "idols you can visit" in Akihabara, the "hottest" town in Japan as well as the mecca of Japanese subculture, where the latest information of cultures, such as anime, manga, and figurine, is assembled.

After the opening of their own theater in December, 2005, the group currently has a total of 63 members (as of March 1, 2009) chosen from all over Japan by audition, consisting of 15 members in Team A, 16 members in Team K, 15 members in Team B, and 17 trainees.

In October 5, 2008, SKE48, AKB48's sister group, was established in "Sakae" in Nagoya. There is also a plan for the group to further branch out into Hakata, Sapporo, and Osaka.

Under the concept "idols you can visit", AKB48 has extended their range of performance as an idol group in the new era by performing also in fields such as movies, TV drama, theater, modeling, radio, and variety show, in addition to their regular stage performance.


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