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No. 11111-3-000214

Why do people like to take a risk?
What makes people do dangerous or even life-threatening things like Bungee Jump?
It is said 87% of Japanese suffer from acrophobia with a fear of heights.
Do you have courage to jump off the tall bridge?!

This program gives a chance of “Bungee Jump” to people who have secrets or conflicts that need to be cleared up. Anybody is eligible to give it a try as long as he wants to strip himself bare of his deep secret. In this reality show, Bungee Jump is no longer just an adrenaline-rushing extreme sport. It’s an ultimate therapy to unburden the jumper’s secrets.

Sum up the courage, get over the fear and throw yourself over the edge!! --- Standing on the edge of the jumping platform, the fear of height shakes up the jumpers. Some give it to fear and collapse while some overcome the panic and make it.
Then “Bungee Angel” follows up with the jumpers to confess their secrets to their important persons to whom they have been wishing to reveal the truth. Will their Bungee Confession settle everything nicely?!

If you want to liberate yourself from the things that haunt you, why don’t you do a Bungee Jump and make a new start?

Case 1
A well-muscled actor at age 28. Although he had never date with a girl in his life, he finally fell in love with a female idol he worked with. Bungee Jumps and declare his love to her!!

Case 2
A guy who gave up his dream to be a musician. He sold valuable guitars his farther, a professional guitarist, had given him, just to make money. Bungee Jump and apologize his farther!!

Case 3
A wife who spent US$10,000 to buy a beauty product without a word to her husband. Bungee Jump and apologize her husband!!

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