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Welcome to the unique parts of Tokyo!
Watch this, and you'll know your way around the city!

Japan —the mystical island in the seas of Asia. And its capitol —Tokyo!
While ancient traditions of the land still exist, Tokyo is also a leading world city that continuously transmits trends and cutting-edge technology throughout the globe. It shocks, amazes, and inspires all those who come to visit this fascinating city.

If you're a traveler looking for a good time in Tokyo, this is the one you must get —the "how-to" guide to the city!
It shows you through the city from a different perspective from those of travel guides and internet websites. It covers various topics including hot Otaku spots, how to get in local restaurants, how to deal with all sorts of possible accidents and simple lessons on useful Japanese.

- What!? Taxi doors open automatically?
- How to play pachinko —the Japanese casino.
- Must-visit spots in Akihabara and Nakano: the Otaku towns of the world
- Japanese fast food —Try eating at gyudon shops and standing noodle shops
... and more!

Tokyo has much more to offer than samurais, Fujiyama, sushi, and geishas... This show takes you to a number of untouched areas that you never knew. Watching this, you’re sure to feel like coming to Tokyo!

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