Variety Shows

Really Kinky Candid Camera

67 minutes
No. 11111-3-000247

Pranksters known as “GROOVERS” are set to trick innocent victims with their sexy pranks!
Nothing is staged and everything will make you feel horny!

Prank 1: Boner Camera Guy
Swimsuit models are called in for a fake photo shoot, only to find that the cameraman is geared, not just with his photographic equipment, but also with a mighty erection.

Prank 2: Interview with a Pervert
A CEO of a business is interviewed for a news program. The interviewers are shocked at his HR management skills as they watch him fondle his secretary’s boobs.

Prank 3: Can You Help? I Dropped Something
A sexy girl in a very short skirt is bending over on the street. She is looking for something and the guys get the surprise of their lives when they find out that the thing she dropped was a dildo.

Prank 4: The Phone Errand
The victim is asked to mind the phone and left alone in an office. But when a couple of bikini eye candies come into his view, his attention is diverted away from the phone.

Prank 5: Time to Get Changed!
An up and coming actor is anxiously waiting to film his first speaking role. And his sexy co-star stripping in front of him does not help in any way.

Prank 6: Geek Saves the World
A geek boy saves the world as he rescues a real life sex doll by touching her nipple.

Prank 7: Dominatrix Pizza
What if you ordered a pizza but a dominatrix shows up at the door? This is what happened to the poor victim who got spanking and a bit of BDSM action as extra toppings.

Prank 8: A Kinky Audition
The victim sits for an audition, but the director orders to demonstrate some unconventional method acting and tells him and his female co-star to get naked.

Prank 9: Did You Drop Something?
If you see a teenage high school girl drop something on the street, what do you do? Sure, you pick it up and give it to her. But what if the thing she dropped was a dildo? Then what can you do?

Prank 10: Let’s Twist Things Up!
The poor victim gets twisted up in a double whammy as he is caught playing twister with a girl, by her gangster brother.

©2012 amumo 98