Variety Shows


24min regular
No. 11111-3-000249

A variety show spreads smiles across areas stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake

This program began in 2008 on Tohoku Broadcasting. It was formerly an entertainment show on local issues, hosted by Miyagi-native comedic duo Sandwichman.
While shooting the show in Kesennuma, Miyagi, the duo felt the Great East Japan Earthquake. Since then, the program content has been changed: now the duo have made it their mission to make the surviving victims of the earthquake laugh once again, to achieve the greater goal of reconstructing the area.

Our wish is for many people to know what happened on that day, and how people are recovering from it every day.

March 11th, 2011
The Great East Japan Earthquake struck.
The huge quake and the gigantic tsunami which ensued brought devastating destruction to the beautiful coastal prefecture of Miyagi.

On the day of the disaster, the duo was shooting at Kesennuma, Miyagi, situated on the prefecture’s coastline. After they felt the huge quake, the two evacuated to higher ground immediately. The decision saved their lives, but what they saw from the hill was the entire city being swept away by enormous tsunamis.

Embracing their lives they nearly lost that day, the duo has stood up for the reconstruction of the Tohoku area and of Japan. They move from one disaster-stricken area to another, making people smile with humor only they could ever come up with.