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S1: 25min x 10eps; S2: 25min x 10eps; S3: 25min x 10eps; S4: 25min x 10eps
No. 11111-3-000342

A travel documentary of 2 pairs of watchable young actors travelling to New York and Taiwan.

Started airing on NET6(TVS, CTC, tvk, MTV, KBS and SUN), January 2015. ORETABI is divided into New York part featuring Ryouta Murai("The Hunger of the Dead," "Musical The Prince of Tennis") & Takashi Sato and Taiwan part featuring Ryo Matsuda("Kamen Rider Gaim") & Ryo Hatakeyama. In New York part, Ryouta and Takashi enjoy the experience of Broadway shows, drop in a dance class, and even made a challenge in street performance. Follow their journey to explore the big apple with inspiring entertainment, delicious food and other interesting stuff. On the other hand, "Ryo & Ryo" combine arrive Taiwan without a plan and just put their fingers on the map randomly to decide their destination. Starting from Taipei 101, they visit Elephant Mountain and catch the night view of the city, enjoy the Night market and take the train to Taroko Gorge. Travel together with the 4 young actor, you will discover the interesting locations and something unexpected about the local culture.
The adventures will continue in season 4 coming January 2018!


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