Variety Shows

Animal Biyori

50~60min x 6eps
No. 11111-3-000347

Some university studies show that animal therapy is highly effective way to ease daily stress. Animal Biyori (a fine day for animals) is a straight-to-DVD series released every year, featuring specific animal in depth. You can virtually meet these animals here and we assure that you will end up smile!!

- Jellyfish Biyori (2015 / 60mins x 2eps / HD)
- Capybara Biyori (2010 / 50mins x 1ep / SD)
- Rabbit Island Biyori (2011 / 54mins x 1ep / HD)
- Owl Biyori (2012 / 50mins x 1ep / HD)
- Penguin Biyori (2015 / 50mins x 1ep / HD)

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