Variety Shows

World Explorer

60min x 12eps
No. 11111-3-000348

This popular series follows Japanese watchable young actors traveling the globe. Each episode the cool explorers travel to different coutries in order to get inspired! The show was launched in 2011 and later prduced as "ORE-TABI". From the spiritual spots to the historic sites, Hollywood's hotspots, and cultural finds. 

- World Explorer in HAWAII
  Part 1: True Essence of Hula
  Part 2: Explore Magical Spots
- World Explorer in Australia
  Part 1: Mother Earth of Ayers Rock & Kings Canyon
  Part 2: The Haunting Sounds of the DIDGERIDOO
- World Explorer in North Italy
  Part1: More to Cremona than Violins
  Part2: Celebrated with the Sound of Milanese Music
- World Explorer in Italy
  Part1: Milan & Vanetia
  Part2: Pisa, Firenze & Rome
- World Explorer in U.S.A. Seattle
  Part1: New Discoveries in Seattle
  Part2: Nature Attractions in Seattle
- World Explorer in U.S.A. West Coast
  Part1: Debut at Hollywood?!
  Part2: Show Time in Las Vegas



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