Variety Shows


30min x 15eps
No. 11111-3-000377

World-class Japanese media content – JAPACON

JAPACON★WONDERLAND is an informational program that ventures into the future of the content market through extensive, behind-the-scenes coverage of everything from anime, games, manga, fashion, to music.

#1 Anime Japan (Part 1)

#2 Anime Japan (Part 2)

#3 2.5-Dimensional Musical

#4 MACHI☆ASOBI (Part 1) “2015 Rankings”

#5 MACHI☆ASOBI (Part 2) “JAPACON Event Special”

#6 The Big Craze! Touken Ranbu and Japanese Katana Swords

#7 Into the Production Committee of “Snow White with the Red Hair”

#8 A Look at the Voice Acting Business through “Seiyu’s Life”

#9 JAPAN EXPO Report by Luna Haruna (Part 1) – Inside the JAPAN EXPO

#10 JAPAN EXPO Report by Luna Haruna (Part 2) – The Manga Culture of Paris and a Gothic Lolita Tea Party SPECIAL

#SP Manga Koshien Contest 1 Hour Special – Reported by Narrator Misako Tomioka

#SP “Time Away from the Plate” Part 2

#SP Animelo Summer Live Special

#11 MACHI ASOBI ~Autumn~ Reported by Ruriko Aoki (Part 1) Ruriko Has a Blast at MACHI ASOBI!

#12  MACHI ASOBI ~Autumn~ Reported by Ruriko Aoki (Part 2) The JAPACON Stage and Selling T-Shirts!

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