Variety Shows


1st ep: 46 min , 2nd & 3rd ep: 54 min
No. 11111-3-000400

This is a love reality show, portraying people seeking true love regardless of their nationalities.


A girl from a South-eastern Asian country arrives

 at a guest house in Japan to stay for a week.

She is here for a reason, to fall in love.

She will be escorted by two different types of Japanese men.

Each of them will take her out on a date.

They will meet up and say their good-byes

at this special guest house.


One girl and two guys: a week of an international love affair.

What kind of places in Japan will the guys take her out to?

What will be the reaction of the girl?

A journey, a place unknown, new culture, limited time,

and meeting people.



Aside from these factors,

what kinds of hospitalities will the guys present to her?


[Trailer for 1st Season]

[Trailer for 2nd Season]