Variety Shows

Spirit of Actors

Approx 25 min x 12 eps
No. 11111-3-000435
Improvisational Love Drama/Variety Show

12 famous actors makes a pass at a beautiful hostess of a Japanese restaurant.
There is no script to this program. Each actor considers their own character setting and they improve during the show. They eat traditional Japanese food and talk about their personal lives, work, anything. At the end they make a pass at the hostess of the restaurant.
[Story Line]
1. Each actor will think of their character setting but the character is not informed to the hostess.
Character example:
-A salaryman who can’t go home because he got fired today.
-Yakuza(Japanese mafia) who just came out of a prison.
-40 year old actor who has no job. His wife is fed up and had a divorce.
2. Actor goes through a shop curtain and goes into a restaurant to have a meal.
3. Improv begins as the actor eats traditional Japanese dishes and talks with the hostess of the restaurant.
*The setting of the actor is a 1 time visitor.
4. The actor makes a pass at the hostess and finishes.
[Broadcast] Starting April 2018 (Monday Midnight Show) on TV Osaka
Starting July 2018 on TVQ Kyushu, TV Hokkaido



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